WO.3 BUMPY PASS BY - Compact Cars & Trucks

WO.3 BUMPY PASS BY - Compact Cars & Trucks

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This sound effect library features recordings of vehicle pass bys on bumpy road surfaces, more specify, bridge joints.

There are compact vehicles which give smooth, clean yet robust whooshes. In contrast, heavy vehicles, likes trucks and trailers, give bold, intense clanging and rattling sound. These characterful pass bys, whooshes, are perfect raw material for further cinematic sound design, for example, trailer hits, transitions and more.



Location A consists of:
26x Compact Car Pass By
13x Multiple Vehicle Pass By
22x Truck Pass By

Location B consists of:
15x Light Truck Pass By
23x Medium Truck Pass By
26x Heavy Truck Pass By


125 files


96Khz / 24Bit PCM WAV


See tracklist and metadata



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